Friday, February 10, 2012



Today we were close to Enoch TX where Randy's dad grew up.  We decided to stop by and visit the gravesites of his family.  While we were there a couple that took care of the cemetary came by.  They knew our family.  His name was Noel Venn.  He knew all about the area.  He showed us where the church use to be by the tree at the back of the cemetary and accross the street in the wooded area was the school.   We passed by the Gilmer courthouse where PaPa said the big Saturday activity was to walk to the courthouse from Enoch and go in the courthouse and flush the toliet and watch the water swirl around. It was a fun stop.  What is also interesting is my mom grew up in Longview Tx which is a neighboring city.  Her maiden name is Shipp we found some Shipps in the cemetary, however they we still living and had bought a plot.

We are off to Dallas area then to Little Rock Ak, then to Modesto Ca.  Hopefully we will be in SLC soon.

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